Paulo Freire, University Education and Post Pandemic Digital Praxis


The post-pandemic university

Bill Johnston, Sheila Macneill and Keith Smyth

This is part of a special collection celebrating the centenary of Paulo Freire’s birth.

When Paulo Freire’s book ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ was published in English in 1972 nobody could have envisaged the Covid-19 pandemic or contemplated how Freire’s ideas, including his critical perspectives on technology, marginalisation and empowerment, might resonate with educators and the state of education during the emergency responses of 2020 and on-going disturbances of 2021/22. When our book ‘Conceptualising the Digital University’ was published coming into 2019 neither could we.   

In our exploration of the concept of the digital university we critiqued the dominant neoliberal practices to date, and offered more hopeful possibilities for the future, based on Freire’s ‘Education for Critical Consciousness’ .

This reflection applies our praxis, developed through writing our book, by viewing the pandemic, through a Freirian lens. While we can…

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