Pandemic Perspectives: A Call to Arms for the Humanities

Take yr time, worth a slow read

The post-pandemic university

David Christie

At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, I found myself, perhaps like everyone else, endlessly speculating on the long-term impact of Covid-19. Struggling to reach even the most tentative conclusions as to how the post-Covid future would unfold, I felt a desperate need to talk about it with others, and, as a historian, felt I needed to connect with the practitioners of our discipline, who as scholars whose preoccupation was to look at patterns of change over time, would have a unique insight.

To that end, I initially contacted my university, assuming that the academic staff would share my preoccupation, and I could step into the faculty debate. However, whilst the response was encouraging, it became clear that the academic staff were largely preoccupied by fire-fighting, coping with both re-writing the entire teaching programme and dealing with the pandemic-induced collapse of the university business model. There…

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