unlearning – a tiny reflection


My photo – Tate Summer school a long time ago.

There’s a lot of learning that goes on in universities. Of course, I hear you say, that is what universities are about. Yes, but I’m thinking particularly about the learning that goes on during the doctorate and afterwards. On and on and on, it’s always learning. Learning more and learning different. Always are to know and more to learn.

As someone who works in the field of education, learning is my bread and butter. So everything I do work-wise is about teaching and learning. But my job is also about unlearning. Forgetting what you know. Doing it no more. And a confession – I’m particularly interested in unlearning.

Unlearning sounds easy but is actually really tricky. It;s mot just a matter or forgetting or replacing one thing with another.

Imagine you know how to ride a bike. You’ve ridden a bike for…

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