When open educational resources and platform capitalism meet

Digital activism for authentic open access

The post-pandemic university

Nikola Wachter

Technological advances have an ever increasing impact on every aspect of the education system, from the provisioning of education to working conditions and administrative governance. Unfortunately, technology is too often dumped onto education institutions leaving behind a big ecological footprint but no educational improvement. However, there are also many examples where technology can contribute in a positive way.

One example is the development of technological infrastructure that can facilitate increasing access to and work with open educational resources (OER). OER are free and openly licensed educational materials. Online platforms and the use of algorithms to collect and analyse user data are the technological infrastructure that can enable teachers and students to access as well as collaboratively create and share digital OER more efficiently. But don’t be fooled – not everything that is labelled as an OER service is aligned with OER values such as equity, openness and education…

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