Topical map of COVID-19 social research literature


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I have been busy checking out the explosion of peer-reviewed articles published recently in social science journals on the COVID crisis. I located over 120 such articles, and have conducted a rapid topic mapping process to support my own COVID-related research.

In case anyone else might find this document useful, it can be accessed here: Lupton – Map of Social Research on COVID 19 July 2020.

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Professional Kindness

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the headtail connection

Oh the beginning of the semester. New students, new classes, new responsibilities. A million projects with conflicting due dates, no time to get any of them done, and it’s only Tuesday.

Academia. I love it.

Except, really, I actually love it.



One of the reasons I do, in fact, enjoy the beginning of the semester is because it’s an opportunity to reaffirm your ethics as an instructor, and your relationship with your students. How are you thinking of them? How do you want them to think of you? What rights and responsibilities should they have within your classroom and how does your classroom policy support that? How does your behavior?

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Reclaiming rejection from the shadows of silence and shame

Nick Hopwood

It is almost three years since I posted a picture of my Rejection Wall on Twitter. That started a whole series of events, blogs, and videos. I thought it might be time to revisit and reflect. Importantly, this update post includes heaps of links to what others have been doing in to reclaim rejection from the shadows of silence and shame.

Rejection walls

Since then more than 285,000 people have seen it. Seems like the thing I’m best known for is being rejected.

The response has been overwhelming! Lots of people are saying the feel encouraged, heartened, perhaps when facing rejection themselves.

There’s a list of links to interviews and blog posts relating to the rejection wall below (right at the bottom of this post!)…

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