Psychological Trauma, Social Pain, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence

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Guest Blogger Dr Cindy Brooks Dollar writes…

What might our world – not just our courts – look like if we committed to practicing the components of therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ)?  Can we extend TJ’s principles beyond its intended legal context and into all of our social interactions?  Given TJ’s interdisciplinary foundation, it seems plausible to extend its principles beyond the legal sphere.

In this blog, I argue that sociology, especially Existential Sociology, offers a means by which to broaden the applicability of TJ’s components since the two perspectives share some concerns and solutions about social life.

The presence of TJ may be identified by various characteristics, but I see three
components as fundamental:

■ Building and maintaining trust and legitimacy by being respectful in
■ committing to inclusive participation through encouraging an expression
of standpoint of the parties involved; and
■ transparently making decisions in hopes that the decisions…

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