Bodies of work: a proposal for critical labour literacy in the post-pandemic university

Labour in the academy

The post-pandemic university

Kate Bowles, Mia Zamora, Autumm Caines and Maha Bali

Small stories of pandemic fatigue


You’re in the middle of a work meeting and your child pops in, visible on your screen for all to see. There is just a moment to decide whether you will panic or remain calm, to wonder how the people on the other side will react. Will they be welcoming or impatient; will your child be demanding or understanding this time? Are you in the middle of making a complex point where you need to concentrate, or are you less central and can turn off your camera and hide your home life from view? Even if those you care for do not appear on your screen, they are part of the hidden work that you are doing now: juggling attention, judging need. As pandemic disruption extends, you are all tiring of the novelty of worlds…

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