Women’s Activism Then and Now!


Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre at Manchester Met

Pregnant then screwed

Joeli Brierley

On Tuesday night The Sylvia hosted a talk by Joeli Brearley from Pregnant Then Screwed, followed by a screening of Suffragette.

Joeli set up Pregnant Then Screwed in 2015, after she was sacked by her employer when she was four months pregnant – the day after she announced that she was expecting her first child. Shocked and heartbroken she tried to access justice but found the whole justice system was failing mothers.

The experience left her lacking in confidence with a career in tatters. She encountered mental health issues as a result. Once she recovered she was determined to expose this systemic problem, so set up a safe space for women to document their stories. This quickly mushroomed into an international campaign demanding legislative changes which will reduce the motherhood penalty, whilst forcing companies to reconsider their conscious and unconscious bias towards mothers in the workplace.

Pregnant Then Screwed…

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