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Stigma HE


Picture this: Cinderella has finally made it to the ball. Glitzy gown and all. Now imagine Cinderella isn’t going to the ball, but to university. The glitzy gown is now their shiny A-level or equivalent certificates. After this point, it should all end ‘happily ever after’ for these students.

However as research has pointed out, (see: Reay; Crozier; Thomas) this is rarely the case. Oftentimes for non-traditional students – so first generation, BAME, mature students and those with SEND – the journey into higher education is riddled with confusion and anxiety.

In this post, we will discuss some elements of stigma, the effects it has on students and how institutions have often overlooked this element. It is evident that the UK HE system is considered to be riddled with inequalities. For example, Reay et al. (2005) point out that the lower the socio-economic class a young person is a member…

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