Engaging Patients in Patient Education Research: A Short Review of Qualitative Approaches

short punchy article on patient as research partner


This week’s blog post is from Dr. Sean Halpin, who is a Senior Research Associate with Evidera, a component of Pharmaceutical Product Development, on the Patient-Centered Research team. Dr. Halpin has over a decade of experience leading socio-behavioral studies across a wide range of chronic and infectious disease areas and has published numerous journal articles to do with patient care. His responsibilities at Evidera include preparing research proposals, developing and executing research protocols, overseeing data collection and analysis, interpreting the research results and supporting sponsors strategic goals, managing operational and financial aspects of research studies, and disseminating results. Dr. Halpin has a Ph.D. in qualitative research and evaluation methodologies from the University of Georgia and an MA in developmental psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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