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The hidden curriculum in doctoral education

Jon Rainford (@jonrainford) completed his part time PhD at Staffordshire University in 2019. His thesis explored widening participation policy and practices in higher education. Alongside Kay Guccione, he manages the Thriving Part Time blog and is co-authoring a book to support part-time doctoral researchers with Kay Guccione due out in 2022 with Routledge.

A group of people are silhouetted in front of a sunset. They are in a celebratory pose, with their left hands in the air.
Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

One of the biggest revelations that I had as a doctoral student myself was that your doctorate is not a solo endeavour. Yes, it is your thesis, and yes, you do have to write the whole thing. You are going to spend more time studying on your own, and this is perhaps a marked change from previous study modes you have experienced. After all, part of the goal of the doctorate is to enable you to become an independent researcher. However, the networks you build can be…

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