Liberating the Young Scholar

Its hard work and we can do it

The Activist History Review

Whether I am teaching undergrads or high school students, one of the first things I tell my classes is that it is OK to struggle. This idea cuts against the meritocratic messaging that dominates our society—that the best among us will always succeed and that failure is a result of personal shortcoming. Perhaps there are situations where this is the case, but the classroom is certainly not one of them. Education is, at every level, defined by an opportunity gap in which neighborhood and income level track most closely with long term student outcomes. These boundaries are clear, but they do not have to determine success or failure for our students.

I always share that I am a student who struggled. My kindergarten teacher told my parents that I would never pass the first grade. By the time I started eighth grade, I never dreamed that I would go to…

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