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The Activist History Review

by Melvin E. Page

Every one of my research trips has a memorable story concerning connections I’ve made with Africans. Perhaps this tale—of my trek with a Malawi Army History team in 1991—was more significant than most, as it helped reshape my appreciation for the resourcefulness and resilience of a resurgent Africa. The soldiers who accompanied me were under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James Njoloma, a combat veteran of the Malawi Army’s early1990s anti-terrorism campaign in northern Mozambique. After military training at Sandhurst and with the U.S. Army, he’d earned a graduate degree in History from the University of Malawi and subsequent designation as the Malawi Army’s official historian. His booklet, The Malawi Army: A Hundred Years Today was published just a few weeks before he invited me to join his team to interview a few of the last generation who lived the country’s World War One experiences. We…

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