Nurturing academic orchids

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The Slow Academic

Last post I promised more on acts of kindness that have the potential to change academia from a place marked by undercare to one that is nurturing (especially at times when people are not entirely productive or unencumbered). Here goes.

Image result for Australian orchid CSIRODancing spider orchid (Caladenia discoidea), photo: Mark Clements, CSIRO

I attended a panel discussion entitled Life: work, family, leisure – having it all? last week. The five members of the panel spoke openly about the challenges they face combining work, family and leisure in the contexts of precarious work, relationship breakdown, international moves, career progression and the life-changing impact of having a child. The session ended with a summing up of practical suggestions, and because they came from five different people, at different stages of work and family, these reflect a range of (sometimes contradictory) ideas:

  • Learn to disconnect from work
  • Take the email app off your phone and tablet…

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