When workplace bullies claim victim status: Avoiding the judo flip

Minding the Workplace

Image: Mersea Island Judo ClubWorkplace bullies are good at this

We’ve seen it countless times: Workplace bullies claiming to be the victims of workplace bullying. And the smartest aggressors often are experts at doing this.

There is no foolproof method to prevent bullies from alleging victim status, but at the very least we don’t want to help them make their case. Here is some advice toward that end:

Don’t retaliate or act impulsively

I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it in this context: Being bullied at work sometimes leads targets to retaliate or act impulsively, saying or doing things they’d like to take back. It’s a natural response, but resist doing so with all your might. Otherwise, it may provide a reason for the bully to say she’s being victimized.

Don’t mob the bully

The bully may be engaging in horrible mistreatment of you and maybe others, but trying to organize a mob…

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