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Women in STEMM Australia

On December 9th 2017, I joined many other girls from schools across NSW, to depart from Sydney Airport to fly to Houston Texas. We were part of the Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) Senior Space Program, and arrived in Houston on the 10th of December to start classes for a week at the Johnson Space Centre. This week of activities focussed on life in Space. Week two of the HASSE experience began with the X Prize presentation (17th December), where we all worked in teams of five.

Eliza_HASSE Eliza at space school! [Image: T Turner-Jones] Our team’s name was based on the Phoenix Mars Mission, so we called our team the ‘Golden Phoenix’. The overarching goal of working together was to achieve the objective to launch a rocket from Earth to the Moon where a lander would go from the rocket to the surface of the Moon…

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