Academe’s Bad Behavior

Now thats thinking!

The Activist History Review

by Ryan McIlhenny

The number of white supremacist incidents, including racially-motivated hate crimes on colleges campuses across the country, have increased over the last few months. Many of the leaders of such hate-saturated gatherings, as in the case of white nationalist and UVA alum Richard Spencer, have had a strategic interest in spreading their message via academia, seeking perhaps to legitimize this extreme form of nationalism and remove it from the anti-intellectual fringe where it’s often assumed to reside. Such gatherings haveendedinviolence to one degree or another. An education, to borrow from Martha Nussbaum, “is no guarantee of good behavior, but ignorance is a virtual guarantee of bad behavior.”[1] Ignorance is either a matter of not knowing, which may include either not wanting to know, as in the case of an individual’s willful suppression of truth options, or being deprived of the opportunity to know, as…

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