3rd International Marxist-Feminist Conference 2018 – Call for participation


International Marxist Feminist Conference

Transforming our lives. Transforming the world.

The Third International Marxist-Feminist Conference will take place at

Lund University (Lund, Sweden), October 6-7, 2018.


The format of the Conference

In March 2015 over 500 scholars and activists participated in the first international Marxist-Feminist conference in Berlin exploring topics such as neoliberalism, intersectionality and social reproduction. The Second International Marxist-Feminist Conference took place in Vienna in 2016 under the title: Building Bridges – Shifting and Strengthening Visions – Exploring alternatives. It had the same number of participants but was more international with attendees from 29 countries from 6 continents. Discussions focused on concepts such as labour and care-work, intersectionality, new materialism, and ecofeminism, as well as Marxist-Feminist analyses of motherhood, fundamentalism, racism, education, and many others. Activists and researchers from Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, the USA, and a number of European countries presented the different ways in which Marxist or Socialist…

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