How to support a colleague under attack

Mobbing and courage to stand with colleagues

Equity Mathematics Education

(Paraphrased from Grollman’s Inside Hire Ed article, “Scholars Under Attack”)

Individual-Level Strategies

  • Assume that the targeted scholar is already aware of the attack against them.  Do not tagging the targeted scholar on social media if and when you share links from the attack or stories about the attack.
  • Offer to take over keeping up with what is written about the targeted scholar so that they do not have to.
  • Make an informed decision about whether to point out the attack to others.
  • If you decide to raise awareness about an attack, be mindful that some colleagues (especially department colleagues and administrators at the targeted scholar’s institution) may be prompted to act in a way that harms the targeted scholar.
  • Ask what they need and extend an offer of support.
  • Say something more helpful or useful than “you must be doing something right!”
  • Counter the attack with supportive notes and…

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