Historians Activate!: The Year in Activist History

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The Activist History Review

On the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, The Activist History Review published its first article. The timing wasn’t a coincidence. In the first week following the 2016 election, we began discussing the possibility of creating an online journal devoted to exploring the relationship between history and social change. The events surrounding Donald Trump’s rise demonstrate more clearly than ever the urgency of understanding that relationship.

Trump’s campaign was built on appeals to the fears of white voters who perceived a black president and woman candidate as threats to their influence and comfort in society. Those fears do not exist in a vacuum. They are ever-present reminders that the centuries of accumulated power relations that defined our past continue to define our present. At its founding, the United States was home to a society that empowered wealthy, white men over all…

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