Case in Point: Interacting in the Bossless Workplace


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Case in point imgSometimes it’s companies—not just their employees— that don’t want bosses. At W. L. Gore & Associates, a manufacturing company, no employee is hired as anyone else’s boss. Instead, employees support each other and work together in what can be called a “lattice” organizational structure; leaders are not assigned authority at Gore but are selected based on their merits and ability to earn followers.

Delving deeper into the company’s innovative structure, Terje Grønning wrote a case study about it for SAGE Business Cases, titled “Working Without a Boss: Lattice Organization With Direct Person-to-Person Communication at W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.” The case study examines how the lattice organizational structure compares to more established structures, the communication challenges it faces, and more. Curious about the topic, we interviewed Terje for our Case In Point…

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